Conda on NixOS

We've been using Conda (also known as Anaconda1 or Miniconda2) to manage our Python environments at Leanheat. However, Conda doesn't work on NixOS, a Linux distribution I recently started using. After some studying, I found a way to install and use Conda on NixOS, which I thought I'd share here.

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Sharing interactive Jupyter (IPython) Notebooks with Binder

Nikola makes sharing Jupyter (IPython) Notebooks easy. You can render a static page like this and provide a link to download the notebook for interactive usage. However, a major downside with this is that the reader must set up his/her own Python environment which has all the dependencies installed and has to know how to run notebooks. It'd be much simpler if the reader could just click a link and an interactive notebook opened in the browser without him/her needing to do anything else. Well, I just discovered a service which easily enables this: Binder.

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How to blog with Jupyter (IPython) Notebook and Nikola

Last updated on 2015-11-16

I have thought about starting a blog for a few years now and when I recently found some amazing tools which can be used in a data science blog I got so excited that I finally had to start my blog. I have used Python and the NumPy/SciPy stack to analyze and model data for a few years now. I'm also passionate about open data and open science, so I've been excited about how Jupyter Notebooks (a.k.a. IPython Notebooks) can be used to share a mixture of reproducible code and commentation. And with Nikola, it is possible to set up a whole blogging system based on posts written as Notebooks making it possible for anyone to easily try the analysis shown in the post. I got some inspiration from Damian Avila's blog. He has written instructions on blogging with Nikola and IPython. However, the instructions are outdated so I thought I'd start my blog by giving my own tips on setting up Nikola.

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